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Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Make a donation and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to lend your support. It’s a great way to contribute to the cause, and every little bit counts towards paving the path for a better future in Ukraine.

There are numerous organisations raising money for the humanitarian needs in Ukraine at this time. Some of the national and international organisations are linked here, along with some more local fundraising efforts that we have close links with.

Starfish Ukraine main fundraising page.
Through a link between a church in Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland and four small churches near Volochysk , Ukraine, many people from Northern Ireland have visited Ukraine multiple times since the fall of communism. When we visited last in early 2020 - just before Covid hit- we could never have imagined that we would not be back again soon nor that would now be witnessing such atrocities.
In the past many friends from here have pulled together to fund things such as orphanage camps, kids programs in rural villages, aid for struggling families, building projects and sending lorries of humanitarian aid to name just a few. Now is our chance to pull together again when help is so desperately needed
Through the money raised here our current aim is to send it as cash to the people in the four churches (as normal banking is almost completely shut down) to help them buy food and provisions for local families and others taking refuge with them as they flee west. It will also be used to help those who manage to escape Ukraine as they find sanctuary throughout Europe and as far away as Ireland. If channels open up into the country itself, we will be able to provide towards the costs of transporting goods into the country .
If you don't know anyone on the team personally and are concerned about giving to us we fully understand. Many good and genuine organisations are raising funding to use in various ways. We would urge people to be to wise and make sure you are happy that the organisation you choose to donate to is genuine. If you wish to help but would prefer to gift aid directly this can be arranged and will be organised through Ballynahinch Baptist Church.
When this war is over there will be many years of recovery and support for Ukrainians affected - and any money not used immediately is guaranteed to go towards those in need as a result of this conflict.
Thank you

Just Giving
European Christian Mission

Ukraine Crisis Fund
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing a crisis situation affecting millions of people in that country and our hearts hurt for their pain. Remembering Paul’s words to the Galatians, as we have opportunity, we want to do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. We want to extend that opportunity to you, inviting you to join us in supporting the ECM workers and ministries in Ukraine. 

There are three ways you can help them: 1. Pray 2. Support them financially 3. Share this with others 
To serve these and other possible needs, we have established a Ukraine Crisis Fund. 

More than 4 million people have fled Ukraine since the conflict began. Leaving behind jobs, belongings and loved ones, they now face an uncertain future. Intense conflict in Ukraine is threatening the lives and livelihoods of civilians across the country, with another 7 million displaced inside the country. Families have been separated. People have been injured. Lives have been lost. 
Homes have been destroyed or are unsafe to live in. Critical infrastructure such as health facilities, water supplies and schools have also been damaged or destroyed.
At Ukraine’s borders with Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova, huge numbers of people are arriving with only what they can carry. In many places there are long waits to cross and scant facilities waiting for them on the other side, with temperatures dipping overnight. 
There have also been media reports of racism against people of colour who are being refused access to relief, aid and the right to cross the border to safety.
DEC charities are in Ukraine and neighbouring countries meeting the needs of all refugees and displaced people:£30 could provide essential hygiene supplies for three people for one month£50 could provide blankets for four families£100 could provide emergency food for two families for one month

British Red Cross

As the security situation allows, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) will continue to respond to existing and emerging humanitarian needs. The Red Cross has supported people affected by this conflict for years and this will not stop now.

Your donation could help someone affected get:

• food
• water
• first aid
• medicines
• warm clothes
• shelter

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